About Us


Celebrating 30 Years
Making Memories that Last a Lifetime!

The Dance Extension was founded in January of 1984 by artistic director, Maggie Dennis. Our mission is to provide an excellent dance education in an exciting atmosphere where dancers of all ages and technical levels feel special. The faculty’s love of teaching leaves students feeling refreshed, motivated and open to new ideas & creativity. Classes are taught in a positive, caring, supportive atmosphere with plenty of individual attention. We strive to set a high standard in the field of dance education by using age appropriate movement, music & costuming. 

We strongly encourage student growth through performance and community service as well as continuing education opportunities such as workshops, master classes, concerts & conventions that focus on technique development & the enjoyment of dance, rather than competition.  

 "It is very rewarding to teach the children & grandchildren of our former students. Knowing their time at The Dance Extension is an experience they want to give their own children is extremely gratifying.  The passing down of dance tradition to the next generation, whether those students dance professionally or just for fun, is one of the greatest gifts of our profession."
Maggie & Nancy K. DennisArtistic Directors